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With more and more employers looking for job candidates that are highly educated and have relevant work experience, it's no surprise that employees are returning to school to either earn their first degree or to obtain an advanced degree in order to make themselves more marketable.

These days, online colleges are becoming increasingly popular as busy adults no longer have the time to enroll in traditional universities and take conventional college classes. Most homes now depend on two incomes and working adults aren't always able to attend classes that meet during the weekdays. Online college degree programs that can be earned from the convenience of the students' homes mean that more individuals can earn degrees where they once weren't able to.


What is a master's degree?

A master's degree is considered an advanced degree in a specialized subject matter. Students who earn their online master's degree generally already possess a bachelor's degree.


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The Importance of a Good Education

Unfortunately, on a global scale, the United States is coming up short when it comes to the international education rankings of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. In fact, according to the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) report, The United States falls at number 14 in regards to reading skills and 25 for mathematics which is below average.

If we want to see an improvement in our economy and witness economic viability it's important that those numbers rise. Therefore, the importance of a good education cannot be overlooked. While in the past it was enough to have a high school diploma or GED, now more and more employers want their potential employers to have higher education in the form of associate, bachelor's, master's, and even doctorate degrees.

Enrolling in an oustanding college online degree program is one way of increasing your marketable to prospective employers in a way that is flexible and convenient for you.

Online Degrees are On the Rise

Most students are brought up believing that if they graduate from high school, attend college, and do well there that they will assuredly find long-term employment and receive attractive salaries. While this is still true in one sense, it's not always possible for students these days to receive a college degre at a traditional brick and mortar institution. For that reason, online degree programs are becoming more popular.

Due to economic reasons, many potential and would-be college students are forced to work full time and simply do not have a schedule that is conducive to attending classes at their local college or university. Or, perhaps, they live in a region that doesn't offer easy access to an institution of higher education.

Earning a college online degree, however, helps students overcome these obstacles. With flexible schedules that allow students to complete coursework right from the privacy of their own home, it's now possible to receive a college degree online. The students' locations no longer matter-they just need access to the Internet.

An online degree can also be more financially feasible since students don't have to spend money on university accommodations, campus dining services, and other expenses associated with brick and mortar institutions

Online Colleges Changing Perspectives

Another hurdle that some potential students are trying to overcome is their perspective of higher education in general. While in middle school and high school, it can be difficult to find quality educators that encourage students in a positive manner and offer them a clear educational purpose for a college online degree. By the time some students graduate they are unaware of their options and have no clear idea of how to reach their goals. Some find apathy with education along the way and are tiresome by the time they should be ready to earn a degree.

Online colleges and online degrees are helping students change their perspectives, however. These programs are not only convenient when it comes to scheduling, you can even take classes on the weekends, but they also offer experience and skill sets that can prepare students for specific jobs and careers.

In addition, instead of having an authority figure standing over the student and critiquing every pen stroke, online education is designed for those independent students who take responsibility for their own education and are self-starters. This can be a very appealing aspect for those that have, in the past, felt stifled by overbearing instructors that seemed to care less about the individual and more about the numbers.

The Numbers of the Online College Degree

It's no wonder that getting a degree from an online college or university is becoming more popular. A 2010 report by the Sloan Consortium showed that there was a 21% growth rate for those enrolled in an online degree program. Even traditional universities understand the importance of this as they work to increase their number of online classes and distance learning courses.

Almost half of all students enrolled at traditional universities are taking at least one online college class. Some take these classes because they have other commitments that won't permit them to take courses in the college classroom while others enjoy the benefit of being able to learn the material at home. Still, other students enjoy the amount of personal freedom these online classes allow them.

It is generally expected that the rate of students enrolling in online degree programs will increase within the next few years. Due to the popularity of such a college online degree, there is no longer a nagative stigma attached to web-based education as there once was. Students are graduating and finding favorable employment opportunities.

The popularity of such online college programs increased, as well, when the Higher Education Reconciliation Act made it possible for students to receive federal funding for their online education that didn't exist in the past. In the future, it is expected that as students try to find a more flexible education system that can prepare them for better employment opportunities and salaries, the online college scene will grow even stronger.


The Importance of Accreditation

Online colleges and universities are great ways to earn degrees in a non-traditional setting. Now, with the help of modern technology, you can take classes and earn a degree from virtually anywhere in the world. It's important, however, that along with the convenience that these schools offer, they also offer accreditation.

It's extremely important that you choose an accredited school when you are enrolling in an online degree program. There are many dangers associated with obtaining an online college degree from a school that doesn't have accreditation and these dangers can include not being able to get a job upon completion of the program or not being able to receive financial aid to finance your education.


Using Online Degrees to your Advantage

Taking online college courses to earn your associate, bachelor, master, or doctorate degree is a great way to make yourself more appealing to future employers or to increase your earning potential in your present job. It's important, though, that you use your online college experience to your advantage.

One of the great things about online degree programs is that they are so flexible and convenient, especially for those students that work full time or have children. Not only can you complete your coursework and turn it in on the off-hours but you can also take your classes in the evenings, on weekends, and during other times that traditional college classes might not meet.


Why an Online Degree Makes Sense Now

In the past, if you wanted to earn a college degree then you had to attend a traditional school and take courses in a classroom setting. It could be difficult to do, especially if you worked full time or had children. Not all students were able to attend classes throughout the day so many people had to forgo a college education.

These days, though, thanks to online degree programs and online universities, you can now earn a degree right from your computer. There are many degree programs available including those in such subject matters as accounting, business, marketing, management, psychology, and even teaching.